In the spot where my bed in located the castle, there is no Wi-Fi and the mobile network is too weak to provide mobile data either. So, just arriving the Healing Castle cut off immediately one of my very bad habits: browsing the internet for nothing in the bed. I don’t need to tell you why it is a bad habit, because you know it from your own experience, I believe. Maybe you are even reading this blog posting in the bed just before your sleep…
The Wi-Fi facts in the castle differ a lot from the city life. Frankly, the mobile data or Wi-Fi are poor in most of the places where I spend my days here. The castle, of course, lives as a part of the modern world and we have well-functioning Wi-Fi here 24/7.  The point here is that to use it I need to go to a certain part of the castle where we don’t hang out so much otherwise. And, first I need to pick up my devices from my room which is in another part of the castle. So, I’m a lot more offline here than online.
My self-observation is that this has freed me pretty much from all sort of mindless and meaningless browsing. Besides browsing in your bed, you know those empty moments for example riding on the bus or waiting for your tea water to boil and you habitually fill that time by focusing your mobile and mostly something online. You check out the latest of your favorite Instagram celebrity. You check if there are some interesting fresh news headlines since you last time checked ten minutes ago. You glance once again your email inbox where the pile of unopened not interesting marketing emails has grown again. Do I miss this sort of browsing? – Not at all. Instead, I have vivid live social interaction around me to participate.
This digital detox has effectively raised my awareness of how I use the internet and what for.
What gives me surprising joy, is that the limited online access has so much increased my clarity what I want to get done when I’m online. It means, when I log in, I have clear agenda what I’m about to do and what I want to get done. Is it then connecting friends online, social media, researching something online or whatever, I’m hands on it as soon as I switch on my laptop. And, I still feel I get all necessary done!
What I seem to miss a bit are two things. My favorite music is online. Also, I miss the access to online dictionaries that I often have on the other hand when exploring interesting books in the language, not my native. Well, both mentioned are also available to download to use offline, so not a big deal.
Also, I love the fact that here I may stay in a place where there is no dense network of strong Wi-Fis and mobile networks all around me, and especially in the night. The situation is totally opposite in a typical city flat!
This text was born when offline and I wrote this relatively effortless. Maybe a good reason to get offline always when writing something.
You dear reader, if you read this on your mobile in your bed, it’s time to put your mobile away. Also, I suggest, try digital detox at home. Start for example switching your mobile to the flight mode for the night. There is a chance that this little choice increases your quality of sleep.
Enjoy your off-line time and let’s meet once in while online again!