We are back!!! Again back to Germany to Healing Castle Schochwitz!

We left last year on June 2017 and now we are so happy to see Ingrid again and be at this place.

After we left Germany, we had been to Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Macedonia. We got through a lot of interest things in these trips and meet many different  kinds of people.

Last year it was my first volunteering experience here. We were new and we needed to learn many things. We had a great time with other volunteers here and learned a lot from each other. We gained many life experiences  and got healthier because of the daily routine and the food. I am impressed Ingrid can do this for the whole year long, waking up in the early morning for exercise and starting to work for the castle.

This year we are working differently. We start to lead some new volunteers and we are more confident in doing things without any order given. So I needed to learn to put attention and be aware of everything in more details. Last year I was waiting and learning from someone to tell me what to do and this year I can arrange what is to be done. The longer I work the more I become aware about what Ingrid thinks and what she wants to achieve.

I would like to thank you, Ingrid, for giving me this opportunity to learn everything we suppose to know in our life. In Malaysia we learned only how to work with computers and technology. But we never do the things manually and we took many things for granted. Now we realize we need to think from the perspective of people who want to share this environment with us. So everybody can create a good atmosphere here. I believe we have changed our personality and the way of thinking in a better way.