mirror reflection

Everyone has their own mirror, it reflected in others reaction, attitude, strength, and weakness. It is also showing your offside to reflect and introspection your own inadequacy. Of course, sometimes we evade to face it, we feel proud in our strength, but we feel guilty or hateful to accept our weakness.

Nowadays a lot of spiritual groups talking about mirror reflective. Mirror reflective is not only theory on top the table or tea time topic to understand it. It needs practice to understand or do you really accept who you are. Below I will share a story, you can ponder over.

I have a friend and I call him as Beanie, recently Beanie facing a big challenge ever in his life. Formerly he has considered writing an article to share with his friend in a few days ago, but he realize couldn’t write it, because he doesn’t know how he should continue to write it. So, he stopped writing until he has inspiration.

The reason he couldn’t write is that the article’s topic is about “The Emotion”. He is facing the test of emotions, and he found that his emotions were completely fluctuating, the temper was constantly on his mind, and he had a quarrel with his friends and colleagues.

The day after, he was volunteering in a teacher’s centre, her name is Ing, Beanie always have argument with Ing, sometimes twice in a week. One day in the morning, Beanie had the worst fight with Ing because of a small issue. Beanie’s fiancé Hani told him: “When you having a deep quarrel, what I heard was like a wave of wind wafting in my ear, but I know that is not a wind but energy, from both of your energy.” A very exaggerated description, but that was true, their quarrel was at its peak. Both of them kept roaring each other, the resentment frequency has surrounded the entire house. And in the end, Ing was shouting to Beanie “ You absolutely look like your father, Beanie!”

Her words stopped his bickering because he realised it is absolutely his father offside, And it’s also what Beanie least wants to face, the deepest pain of this mirror. He hates his father, even hates his father’s character, but unfortunately, he has his father’s offside. Ing said during the quarrelled, she also realised her offside through Beanies temper, same as Beanie. Therefore both of them completely contrasted each other, completely real mirror, they have to face their other side.

From this argument, Beanie had completely seen through his inner self, is time to slowly emerges to the surface the offside that hides for a long time. Start from that day, he started to control and handle his emotion, he even starts to share the knowledge with other people from his experience, and handle the emotion on different occasions, and also have a good handling in every ‘current’ situation. 

Above the story is talking about the “Mirror Effect”, we are same with the protagonist, sometimes we don’t want to face the bad side of us, but this is the most important process to know who you are, the real person who wants to be. If you absolutely know who you are, good handling to control your emotion, you will be easy to solve every situation. Example, you stand in front of a mirror that full of dust, and you wipe off all the dust by your hand, and the dust covers your eye, what you see in front of you is only dust, not the person, but once you clean the dust you will see yourself more clearly. The mirror reflects is not how you have to admire or reject the bad or good of who the real person you are, instead is teaching you how to change yourself to become the strongest and who you are.

Of course, you can choose to avoid or evade it. But hide in the cave doesn’t mean you can evade the true, you have to face it one day. If you want to know who you are, first you need to do is accept the self-inadequacy, change, and growth. A lot of people like their strengths, and hate to accept their own weaknesses. But we couldn’t only accept our strength in our path of life, we have to accept inadequacy and improve it. You are not only growth in your physical mental, we have to grow our own soul. Otherwise, it will begin age or die.

‘Your strength is not only your strength but your weakness also can become your strength.’ Mirror is a good tool for awakening, not only to see the weakness of other people, but also reflecting your own weakness. So don’t you dare to face your weakness in front the mirror of you?