已經來了Healing Castle兩次,但第二次是我人生最大的考驗,也是第一次完全赤腳地走在大自然裡,與大地母親連接,吸取能量,能量從腳板注入開始,慢慢往上注入身體的每個部位。

This is not only my first time in Healing Castle, but also another big challenge in my life. and also is my first time barefoot walk in the nature, I feel connected to Mother Gaia, receive energy from the earth, the energy slowly flow up to every part of my body starting from my foot.


When I hike around hill, my exhausted body begins to be full of energy and spirit.The surrounding flowers and grasses are full of aromas, I smell a sweet honey taste, and the trees are full of white flowers. The scenery in front of me is so beautiful. At this moment, I live in the present, it make me feel how blissful and happy am I.


Barefoot meditation is only to live in the moment, and also to feel the powerful healing from the Earth. Gaia Mother had healed my emotion, and the friction on the foot reminds me how long I have not been grounded with the Earth. I wonder why I do not know that I am so blissful, how simple the Earth is, but how so complicated human are.


Because I’m not used to walk barefoot, I felt pain when I step on the stones, and also may encounter some small thorns. I felt that my feet are cold and paralysed. I was also thinking that I want to wear shoes when I walk too long because too many stones made my feet uncomfortable. For this reason I have this thought in my mind, it keep my persistence to carry on, because this is our life, never give up, you will experience what others can’t or they not willing to try, and in the end you can also get the wisdom and different knowledge that others can’t.


Barefoot is like the process for journey of our life, when you start to walk barefoot on the grass, it’s like a new born baby, you feel unfamiliar to the Earth, and when you feel the pain on your feet. It is just like a baby start to learn how to climb and walk, he/she will fall and feel the pain, and slowly he/she will be more familiar to the mother nature. We feel pain on our feet, because there is some point which has not been touch.

當我踩在草地上,感受到大地柔軟的草就如母親的手在擁抱著我,讓我很舒服地很安全地踏青,正當讓我想起小時候的我們,在母親維護下,讓我們可以在很安全的環境下奔跑玩耍,這短途的草地就如我們幼齒的年齡,草地也許有一小部分的坑,石頭,踩到時會有點痛,但周圍的草圍繞著保護,讓我又繼續的走下去,那就像母親看見我們跌倒了,扶我們起來,告訴我們:不用怕,有我在,這痛很快就離開了,繼續的奔跑玩耍吧,孩子。而我們又繼續的奔跑玩耍,直到我走完了短途的草地,開始踏上石頭路,這石頭路讓赤腳的我是如此的難走,前途充滿了挑戰,每走一步都會痛了一下,快步的我,也慢了下來,看著路上的石頭,腦袋嘀咕的思考:要如何走才不會那麼的痛? 但這思考就不如路上的阻礙那麼的順,每一步的腳下都充滿了石頭。

When I step on the grass, the softness of the grass just like the mother earth’s hand hugging me, I felt comfortable and safety. It reminds me that how my mother protected me when I was a child, let me feel safe to playing around. This short barefoot walk is just like the age of toddler. It may have some pits, stones, and you feel pain when stepping on it. But you feel safe to carry on, because the protection of the surrounding grass. Just like when our mother see we fell down and say:“ Don’t scare, I’m here with you, it’s not pain, just moving forward, my son.” And the stone road, it is more challenging, even more painful for every single step I walked.


The stone road like we going into society facing all kind of challenge. You have to face the failure, defeat, challenge, lost and pain. This is the life experience, therefore you feel pain and suffer.


But every suffer reminds us, it is only a process, an emotion, awareness, a feeling, it won’t stop you and it will not dominate your life, just carry on, not persistent, but let it go. Because the suffer will not rip off your life, it is not a stumbling block or final destination. It is the way to make you clear about your goal. Don’t hold back, you can cry, feel the pain, and label the pain to remind yourself, where does the pain come from, learn from it, and thanks for its existence. And just deep breathe, exhale the air that not belongs to you, and carry on. Control your emotion, discipline your mind.


You have nothing to lose, even the biggest challenge, you still living in mother earth’s bosom, she love you. Maybe you have forgotten that you born with nothing, what you have gain is experience, and the only thing you have is your powerful soul.