Im Mike from Albania.Im 27 years ,graduated for English Language in University.I didn´t like to stay in Albania and i was looking to find a way just to escape from there.The first thought was to go to Germany. The easy and cheapest way was to be volunteer.I wanted to change something in my life. I was so depressed in that time.During my search for volunteer somewhere in Germany,i found Healing Castle.I was reading Healing Castle program ,about joga,meditation and spirituality.It was another world for me.My intuition was saying to try this new experience.I call Ingrid and she was very nice and she accept me to join her team. After 2 weeks i came to Castle.It was a good atmosphere and warm welcome.So,my new experiece started. I had to wake up every day at 5:30 in the morning. And doing joga or meditation 6-7. After that breakfast 7-8and from 8-14 working time.Iwas doing cleaning,washin,gardening(things i never liked before)also some building stuff like paitting plumbing.  It was so hard in that time. I was thinking to escape even from here.Maybe because of my ego.But deep deep my inner voice was saying hold on,is just a begining.I was fighting with myselft and concetrating to learn and enjoy what i was doing. My english wasnt good.Day by day my english was getting better. I reached something useful.This thing inspire me tolearn more and i felt that good things are on my way.Now was the time to beat my ego and overthinking.While i was doing joga,mediation i was feeling my body so good and overthinking was going. I realised while i was cleaning rooms and garden also i was cleaning my mind. I was lucky that i follow my intuition to join Healing Castle.I had a wonderful time. That makes me to come here 4 times for 3 months each time. Im very thankful to Ingrid and Jim.She is a great teacher who help me to beat my ego and open my vision.Jim is fantastic person.He treat me as a friend and learn me a lot about work and life.

I suggest to everyone to join Healing Castle team.First,work hard,hold on and good things will come to your way.

Healing Castle and people around Ingrid,Jim and all volunteers are in my loving memory.

Thanks a lot