10-days in at life school, additional volunteers have arrived, which is a comfort to converse and a challenge to find quiet time. I am trying to be mindful and present in everything I do to reduce mind chatter. Personal intimacy I struggle with, spending so much time with a mix of personalities and different energies is pushing my comfort zone, yet slipping into familiar patterns of staying quiet in a group. I must be more loving and kind to myself with daily mantras and thankfulness diary. I am looking for greater direction with life, which hasn’t manifested to date. Wish to work on verbal clarity of my wants / needs and ability to expression with my emotions, feelings and honesty and confidence. Coaching and meditation / yoga is less frequent than advertised, replaced with insights and group exercise (mindful walks) an hour a day. I have been enjoying daily walks in the afternoon and sleeping earlier each evening. It feels like I have been here many weeks and slipped into day to day living – avoiding thinking about the world outside of here. Unwinding a lifetime of behaviour patterning isn’t straightforward and the school can’t be expected to work miracles, looking forward to see what manifests.beautiful-male-peacock-2363750_960_720