Today is my last day of Life School here at the Healing Castle. What I have learned during this month is to get out of the head and start to connect with my feelings. And to disconnect from the stories we make up about reality. This is from my understanding one of the main things that is taught here. The other is to get out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself and to overcome fears. I am grateful for some of the things I’ve been challenged to do here, for example teach a yoga class for the first time…at times I’ve felt that the approach has been to harsh or pushy for me though, and I will take time to reflect over this when I come back home. It will be interesting to come back to “the real world”, and I’m sure there will be many challenges already when I get of the train.

The time that I’ve taken for myself in nature here has led me to some clarity and insight about my needs and goals, and has also made it easier to be with the many uncomfortable feelings that has arisen during my time here. I’m still figuring out how to give space to these unpleasant feelings…

What I will take from my time here is the importance of nature and silence for me to live and be true to myself.

Bye bye!