20170607_161436I have been at HealingCastle and the Life School for one and a half week now. Everyone said when I got here that the first three days would be the hardest, and this was true for me. I didn’t expect that is would be so hard but I’m dedicated to stay even though some days I have felt like leaving. But that would just be giving up on this work I want to do for myself, so I’m happy that I’m still here! It has been a roller coaster of emotions and one of my goals for coming here was to be in all feelings that come up and not push away anything. This is hard work, but I do feel like this place is a good platform for that.

I relax more and more every day that goes by, both physically and mentally and I feel that I’m getting closer to my gut feeling and out of my head. Ingrid is a button pusher, which I had read before I came here, and I’m grateful for this because I feel like I’m being challenged to make the change I want to make.

Everyday starts early with a different activity, so far we’ve done yoga, meditation, singing, dancing and walking. The nature around here is very healing to me, and I go for walks everyday. I love walking along the fields and listen to the birds and the wind.

I’m curios of the what the next few weeks will bring 🙂