Hello everyone! We are workaway in Healing Castle for about three weeks!

Healing castle to me is a breathtaking beauty and nature place. It is surrounding by forest and green meadow bathed in the sun, I feel like I am in the arms of mother nature. Birds sound & whizzing chirr of the insects everywhere. You are totally away from the hustle of the city. In my country, I need at least 30mins – 1 hour to go to a nice garden or forest for a walk, but here only takes 30sec I can to walk out from the castle  to the forest. I always walk to the small river and lay down on the meadow to have a good rest and walking with bare foot is a good connection with the mother earth. When you spend time in the nature, your body and emotion will get heal automatically. The castle is very well design by the owner-Ingrid & Jim. It looks like a 1970’s museum castle, I’ve never been or stay in a castle before. This is what excite me from the first came.


More and more days we spending in this castle, we found out that Ingrid has many different types of skills for healing, counselling, crystal therapy, and some special way I’ve never seen before.

This is a miracle place and full of miracle people. I believe that everyone who come to this place, there must be some reason behind. Everyone is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what they think into it. What you dislike is what you need to look into it and change. And what you like, it is also meaning that you have the same thing from that person. When you dislike or criticism on others, it is reflecting that you are not loving yourself. When you see everything in your eyes is lovely, I can tell you must be a lovely person and everybody likes you. Point out the bad on others are always easier than pointing ourselves. ”One finger pointing on that person, four fingers pointing at you”. Everyone have to heal and being heal by each other even a healer has to be heal also. This is a life lesson, no one and nothing is perfect, and this a quiet place for everyone to find a space to focus on yourself. Away from stressful city work & life!

The past few weeks, I did some card reading for people. The most result I get is telling people to be unconditional love to everyone else. This is not easy but it is the greatest gift that you can give to others.

Working time from 8am-2pm although is long and boring, but from the works you can gain some life experience, new skill and also you can be aware what is in your mind. You can think this is a training for your body or it exhausted your energy; this is a surviving skill in life or non-achievement people should do; you have to do your best in the moment or why am I doing here?  Ingrid always say you have to be focus on what you are doing, not thinking in the past or future. This is what we usually do, we always thinking about the past and future at the moment and make us worrying, stress and sad. *Living in the moment*

That day i fell down from a floor in the morning and my partner also fell down yesterday. We didn’t realize and think about why is this happened to us until Ingrid asked and tell us, there must be a reason why this doesn’t happens to others but only us. So we found out that because we are not living in the moment. ”Everything happened, there must be a reason behind.” If you blaming that the staircase is too small or the road got hole that makes something bad happens on you, then you won’t get the message what ‘s trying to tell you. And also get yourself into negative emotion such as ”why am I so bad luck?”


Maybe some people dislike the way that Ingrid used to be or teaching, when you hope to see a different person on yourself, you want some changes. First, you have to lower down your self-esteem, pride, ego, and follow the flow. Nothing is easy but nothing can stop you. ”No pain no gain” when you think that you are losing something, in another way you are gaining something. Ingrid has an eagle eyes which can point out what is your weakness and strength and also your pain. You have to be open to accept everything then only you get to improve yourself. You can be a person who full of negativity or you will be a very positive person after leaving here. It depends on your mentality and attitude, it is not easy but it is a challenge.

We always hard to find out what is the problem in ourselves. When there is always some people saying the same thing about you, and remind you something you should change. You should really look into it and think about it instead of thinking you are right. And you should be thanks to the person who trying to tell you the truth. Although it is hard to face but it makes you improve when you listen and accept it.

I would like to say thank you so much for having me and my partner here, we have a fun and great moments here, really appreciate everything you have given to us.

Thank you for the food.

Thank you for the stay.

Thank you for the advice.

Thank you for the yoga and meditation.

Thank you for the jokes and laughter.

Thank you for the healing.

Thank you for the caring and loves!

Thank you for everything!

Thank you so much :))