I had been suffering from allergies for several years every spring and fall, but the last few seasons the symptoms had gotten progressively worse. First it was mostly in the air, when I was outside for an extended period I would notice a scratchy throat and have sneezing attacks. But since the beginning of 2017 I have noticed it more with some fruits and vegetables.

Before coming to the healing castle for the Life School program, I tested positive for allergies to three different types of trees, fruit, including apple, pear, kiwi as well raw tomatoes and carrots. When I told my doctor that I would be in the countryside for one month, he looked at me sympathetically and gave me a prescription for something to take daily, nightly and in case of emergencies.

The first few days at the castle I was just focused on adjusting to the new environment. It wasn’t until after the first week that I realized I hadn’t taken any of my allergy medication. At the end of the second week I noticed that I had been eating raw apples and carrots almost every day without an itchy throat.

Part of what we are learning here at the castle is that many things are in your mind. I am by no means trying to undermine those that do have illnesses or allergies, but perhaps it is maybe not the pollen, or fruits we are fighting, but rather our situation.

For me personally, now that I am out of my usual environment and have started to gain a new perspective on my life, I am wondering if my allergies could be situational rather than seasonal.

These “situational allergies” can perhaps only be understood when you remove yourself from the situation and see clearly what exactly you were fighting. This may not be obvious, which may be why the thing you are fighting manifests itself in the form of pollen or fruits.

This is just some food for thought about changing your mindset and trying to learn more about what your body is trying to tell you.

Wishing you a lovely weekend from the Healing Castle.