Perhaps you have been reading the healing castle blogs, if so you may have read the departure blog from “the Dutch girl. ” I only spent one night with her where I received some very valuable advice – you are in the right place, just do what what is enjoyable for you and put in as much as you can, if you survive the first three days you will be fine. I have been here just under a week and am finally starting to understand.

I arrived at the castle Monday afternoon full of excitement for my future month with high expectations – which I learned very quickly, having expectations was exactly the problem- due to my expectations I could not immediately accept to stay and “just be” in the castle. The first three days, as warned, were very hard. And still I would say it is not “easy” but I am learning more and more each day about life as this is in fact, a life school. This place, like the real world is very dependent on what you put in.

The castle itself is in a beautiful location, full of beautiful paths and trails to walk, to clear your head and to find yourself. As stated by the “the Dutch girl” it is amplifying energy and Ingrid is here, not to make you comfortable (which was part of what I was expecting, I realized) but to push your buttons – to pull out the things you haven’t been dealing with and make you face them. Naturally, this is hard and uncomfortable.  However, each moment and each day that passes I learn something new about myself, the other people around me and the world in which we live.

I am learning to be thankful, to be aware of my thoughts and that focusing and enjoying what you are doing, in every moment, is very important. Currently I am sharing the time here with two other lovely women, we are all here to help and support each other. Each morning we wake up and do some form of focusing for our day, be it mediation, some exercise or singing. Then we share a nice breakfast together before beginning our karma yoga- at first this seems like boring chores, and now I see each task as a great training.  Each day is different and the more I let go of expectations the more I open my heart and mind to accept each day as it comes. Change is hard, but I can feel that small changes each day will lead to big changes in the future. I look forward to sharing my experiences and lessons I am learning with you the next month through the blog and instagram.

Thank you Healing Castle for accepting me here.