The castle
We mention energy a lot in the healing castle; the energy in the court yard, the energy in the rooms, the energy of the group. Almost everybody agrees that the castle is a powerful place, but what if it is simply an amplifier of energy?

My energy
It took me about twelve hours to start crying. On the same day a young volunteer arrived and she asked why I cried. My answer was simple: because it still hurts. Ingrid told me to get all the sour milk out, such a striking metaphor for the last painful memories in my heart. The girl responded differently to the energy of the castle and on the second day she left after something now known as the “tomato incident”. (don’t ask!) I allowed the energy to be amplified; I cried, screamed, danced, and laughed uncontrollably. I like to believe that this has saved me about 3 years of unnecessary struggle.

The group
Each person brings new energy to the castle and the atmosphere keeps changing. In the beginning it feels like a mad house, but with time it starts to become normal. Nevertheless, the tension and expectations of new arrivals/leavers can be heavy for the group. I came here to heal, and at the time, I didn’t ask myself how my energy would affect others. How is it for Ingrid and Jim to open themselves to all these people that are looking for refuge? How do you deal with the (sometimes heavy) energy of others every day? Nonetheless, they decided to create a safe haven where you can cry, scream and be yourself. They created a mad house. A beautiful gift if you allow your own energy to come out and be amplified.

Thank you so much for the wonderful crazy time. See you soon. Love.

The Dutch girl