At 6 am we start with a nice and calm yoga class. The fire place is warming the room and the candles heighten the serene spiritual atmosphere. We start with some breathing exercises, followed by a couple of twists and we continue with other positions that stimulate the detoxification of the body. It is the second day of the fasting retreat and our focus is on cleaning the body and soul.

In the middle of a twist, I notice that it started snowing. Wow! The white snowflakes twirling down from the sky complete the beauty of the moment. Before a short mediation, we hand out blankets and then we are all ready to enjoy the beautiful singing from our yoga teacher from Ireland.

I’ m not fasting myself, but I start being curious about the experience. Does it really lead to a feeling of physical lightness and an increase of the energy levels? Would I reach inner stillness and enhance my spiritual connection? I guess that question can only be answered if I try…

Have you ever fasted? Please tell me about your experience. If you are also curious, come and join us for our next retreat in May.