The other day Ingrid told me: “now you will do the social media”. I wasn’t immediately enthusiastic about it. Since my arrival, I have been mostly working in the garden, enjoying the sound of the birds and the gentle wind in my face. When Ingrid then also asked me to write a couple of letters, my fear came out. My regular job is behind a laptop in an office. She immediately recognised it and said in her short and direct English: “Stop the stories in your head! It`s two letters, I am not locking you up for ever!”

How fast we forget what we have learned in the past. During a course in Peace and Conflict Transformation, our professor would also try to make us aware of the movies that we play in our head. Every situation, every person can trigger old emotions. These stories prevent us to live in the moment and experience life with an open heart.

In the afternoon, I went for a long walk through the hills. A strong wind turned the fields into a sea of wild green waves. Birds were struggling to move forward in the air, until they accepted the new direction given to them. There was never any struggle; only a gift of nature that could blow away all my troubles and silly stories. At least for now…

The Dutch Girl @ Life School