Ingrid’s ebook,  page 1

Life purpose with natural law.

The purpose of life is to live it. This is actually the whole answer, live your life, don’t complicate it, live it simple, live it aware, live it in the moment, and enjoy. Do what has to be done, don’t judge, and love it.

Complication. Heart and soul will never ask questions, they will never ask what is right. If you are asking what is the purpose or why I should do this, or is this right or wrong, you are not in your heart neither in your soul. The answer is simple, you are in your head, your are identifying yourself with your ego. I realised a lot of people do not realise the difference. They are loving the idea of a story and of a theatre show, and there they are playing a role, but they are not themselves. When you are yourself you do not have to play anything, you are just how you are. A lot of people are seeing black and white, right and left, but when you are going to the right and to the left you have to go from one side to another constantly, like as a pendulum does, in order to balance yourself. So you are in movements and also inflexibility. Our ego is a very powerful instrument. It has its place and you should use it but the ego should not use you. And this is the thing where you need to see the difference. And I like using this metaphor, you have a nice car, the car is actually your body or your ego. But it is you, who sits inside and drives the car. You, your soul is the driver. Do not let your car to drive you. This happens often when the ego takes over.