“We are all trees because it is called your family tree.”

What does that mean?

Ancestry is the most important aspect of the family, also known as one’s elders (which is not necessarily characterized by age)

In the shamanic tradition, women fulfil this duty.

They are mothers as they give birth and life to each branch. If the stem is healthy and strong, the branches are healthy and show flowering life.

The trunk of a family holds the family together.

Now look at the picture. You see a tree that was struck by a lightning bolt, and yet it still thrives and yields fruit every year. It is aware of its task!

The other part of the tree was mostly separated from the trunk, where one finds disease and weakness, because there was division from the family. Does family history manifest a healthy tree or has a thunderstorm come upon the family? More importantly, how was the thunderstorm processed? In Germany, many storms have come ( at least 2 wars, exile, expulsion, rape, etc) on our families/trees and they have not yet been thoroughly processed, weakening our family tree.

What can one do?

There is self-help and other therapies, like Family Constellations, Drawing Therapy, etc.