Shamanic firewalking

A few days ago I did my very first firewalk.

I have to say, it wasn’t the first time I was confronted with the challenge of keeping mental strength, as I already have walked on broken glass before and walked on snow with bare feet for an hour, it being -20 degrees Celcius outside.

Although I have already experienced something of this kind before, I spent the whole afternoon worrying about what might happen to my feet if I walked on hot coals. I imagined burning my feet and obtaining really bad blisters. I thought, how would I be able to work the next day?

Being confronted with these thoughts of fear, I realized what my EGO and my MIND were doing and I truly thought these thoughts were real.
I knew I could say “no” if I wanted to and so I took the courage to take part in this Shamanic ritual.

The Shaman started the ritual by calling up on the spirits in order for them to give their help and stand by this ritual. At the same time, we participants through bread crumbs into the fire as a means to celebrate the spirits.

The Shaman, wearing mystical clothes, explained to us what the significance of fire is:

1. Fire consists of the plasma, so what we see is the flame

2. Fire persists in your body as energy, which is reflected in our visible and invisible reactions, such as in our agility, activeness and anger

3. Fire is an energy in our body that isn’t visible, so we ask ourselves, how cognitive are we?

People who are constant “thinkers” lose a lot of energy. That is why they require nutrition or as the phrase goes “food for thought”. In this regard, the food they eat represents the wood or the coal to keep the fire going.

Fire also creates fears.

Where does your fear persist?

Feel your fear? Are you even aware of its existence?

Throw your fears into the fire. That is what we all did during the Shamanic ritual.

The second ritual that took place was drumming and singing, leaving behind all our inhibitions.

At the beginning it sounded like a mixture of strange-sounding words, but after a few minutes, when everyone joined in I could feel the energy around us rise. At the same time the fire went from flaming to glowing.

The coals were spread across the floor; and then it was time for me to walk on fire. I put so called Shamanic shoes on and visualized nothing but energy surrounding my feet. Then I started walking on the hot coals without concentrating on them.

It is said that walking on fire 3 times will largely elevate your energy. By completing this ritual I realized that fear is only in your mind and that I could have walked on hot coals several times. My mind kept saying “See, this whole time you imagined this situation going wrong and in the end nothing bad or hurtful happened”.