5.55 o’clock

To lead a healthy life some rules need to be followed, certain NATURAL & UNIVERSAL rules.

Everyone should have this ritual of at least 1 hour per day to challenge his mind and body and to start his day in a healthy and energetic way.

It is by no means a healthy way to get up every morning and jump right in to a busy, daily routine. Take it calmly and use the possibilities that are offered to you, such as:

– cleansing your mind through for instance meditation

– caring for your body by doing some exercises such as     yoga, pilates and dancing……

– doing things that you are passionate about, perhaps    singing mantras, drawing, painting, anything that    makes you happy.

Keeping your discipline is essential to pursuing your morning ritual. Our mind loves playing tricks on us and convincing us to not do this or that and to stay in bed a little longer rather than get up. Get up at 5.45 a.m, without any hesitation, and with that your mind and body will be prepared to start the morning ritual.