Author: Pavlina on the Move

The season at the #Heaingcastle is almost over, only last few days before the winter break. Beautiful, enjoyable days in – an already empty – castle.

It is hard to express what living at the castle, within the castle´s community brought to my life. I guess years later I will be still experiencing these Aha moments referencing back to this period.

There is though one sentence that I can name already now: ”

“. Of course, I read similar quotes in many modern mindfulness books. And I thought I was there. This is me, I left the job, I took a backpack and went to India, met new people, got exciting stories etc. So all three points checked, right 🙂?

Trust your feelings
Here I mean the true feelings inside us, inside our belly. I talk about the feelings that we don´t call up but that are simply there. In my life I have never been asked so many times as here at the castle about my inner feelings. No mater if I was overexcited, homesick, doubtful, unsure etc. still the same question: “What do you feel?” So I started to explore my feelings and kept on answering this question. Not easy in the beginning but rewarding as the time passes. Experiencing the feelings can be as simple as visualizing your situation. The best time to practice this is when your mind is calm – either after meditation or as first thing in the morning just after your wake up. Let’s say an example: moving to a new place. What is it like to be in this new place? Walk through the place? What is the feeling? Is is enjoyable, do you smile or do you get some unpleasant feelings or even stomachache? You can play with this one – just be aware that the mind likes joining the game as well. Once you want to use expressions as good, bad, better etc. you know that mind is there. There are no good or bad feelings, only our mind puts these labels. Never mind, try it again.

Now comes the tricky part though: the trust.
Trust the inner feelings, trust even though it might seem illogical, weird or unacceptable. Trust the feeling also means saying no or yes without the need to give a reason. For my rational mind this is a tough one. I have this willingness to give explanations, to be fair.
Let’s take an example – being in love – that is a great one. Can we control, if we fall in love? Can we really explain why it happened with one person and not with the other? And honestly if you do not fall in love with a person – is there any reasoning needed?
Once I read a great note: our mind is not acting as a judge, even though we might think that. The one, who actually decides is our heart. Our mind acts as a plaintiff or as a defense attorney – depending if the heart confirms what the mind says or not.
Once we connect with our heart, once we fully trust our inner voice, we act.

Be open
To be ready to listen to own heart, we need to be open.
Open not only in terms of having open mind, being open to new experience, to others but most importantly being open to ourselves, being open to life. The truth is that our heart is often showing us something that we do not want to see. And to be aware of this, we need to be open as minimum to ourselves. Though, often we are scared to be so honest to ourselves because we might end up finding out that we are holding up to things, people, ideas that are basically not meant for us. You may try to play with the sentence “Is this for me?” and observe your feelings. Our heart, intuition or however it might be called talks to us in all areas of our life, not only in relationships. Are we open though to listen to this calling?

At the end of the day, the life is simple.
How simple is it? Imagine that today is your last day. What would you do? What would you not do? Would you do anything differently? Through looking at life from this perspective, vast majority of worries, activities, talks seem unimportant. So looking at my day today..I would not change much. I would not want to be anywhere else or do anything else that I did. I would take some ice-cream, make one more note to my journal and I would call people I love. What about you? What would you do?

With love, Pavlina