Author: Pavlina from the Czech Republic

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A year ago, I was part of the sales team in the UK, preparing future strategy, running customer meetings, living London life style.

Half a year ago I was living in a little village in India, felt amazed by the hens running around my place, practising devotedly yoga for a few hours every day.

More than three months ago I landed back in Europe, convinced that now it is finally the time to return back to Czech.

Two and half months ago I moved to a castle in a tiny village in former eastern Germany…

For quite some time now, I have been searching for my true self, trying to understand who I am what is the purpose / task in my life.

What I have realized recently that no matter if I lived in Prague, London, India or now in Schochwitz, if I were a student, hiker, dancer, manager or yoga teacher..I am simply still the same person! I still love life and all it brings, I am a smiling woman loving nature, mountains just as I did as a little girl. Through the years I have gained new experience, learnt new things, met different people. This all has been forming my life, though the base, my true self is there since the beginning.

So , I actually know who I am 🙂 The only thing I need to do is to accept it. Accept myself as whole, with all the shades and lights.

And what about the purpose in life? Ingrid answered so nicely when I asked her about that. The only purpose, life task is simply to LIVE. That`s it! Live your own life fully, enjoy the moment, be grateful for what comes to your life, accept new things and let go of what is not needed any more.

Isn`t it funny that complex questions can have pretty simple answers?

Thank you for your support. Love you, Pavlina