Author: volunteer Jo

Back in time I always defined myself by my brain, my thoughts – but this means defining yourself by your ego and this has nothing to do with your own, inner self. I realised living on like this would lead me just into a life, that could not make me happy.

So what leads you to happiness, by what to define yourself?

So I started defining myself by my heart and led this lead me. This means finally letting yourself be leaded by Love!

It´s actually the hardest task I ever started in my life. It isn´t something you can change from now to then. It´s a process / a long way, but going on this journey will bring you everything you ever wanted, even if you will often be not able to accept it in the first point.

So lets come to the Healing Castle:

Already half a year ago while I was in Columbia I once checked for “alternative” Centers in Germany to volunteer, and finding this place I felt a strong call to go here. So now, being back in Germany I felt this call again – and followed it.

These, now a bit more than two weeks I´m here, has teached me a lot, even though I couldn´t accept it straight from the start. Your ego will get into trouble here. And even though I´m working on myself since some years to get rid of it, it still hitted me hard at the start.

Once you reach the point to let go and accept what you are given here the joy starts.

I see this place as a great chance to find some more parts of the puzzle of life and putting some others (you´ve found before) into the right place.

I can´t put in words what are the driving forces here to make a change in yourself.

I could talk about yoga or meditation, bit many places offer this.

I could talk about the Crystal Bed, which had strong effects on me.

Or I could talk about the people here, but all this could not describe the whole experience, so I leave if for now.

So if you feel the call to work on yourself to lead your life into a good way this place can give you some decent help, if you are even so willing to give help yourself.