Hi there!

I hope you are doing well today!

We are Healingcastle, nestled among the hills of the Saale-Unstrut area, the most northern wine region of Germany which lies in the little village of Schochwitz. This is a quiet and energetic place, where we help people to find their inner peace by doing Yoga, meditation and various energy works. We also offer standardised vintage guestrooms, but we do not position ourselves a hotel. We are a healing centre.



Normally the guestrooms cost 69€/day at least, and we are now happy to offer you 5 extra rooms which are plain and simpler than the normal guestrooms. This is because we hope more people can experience the joy of self-discovery and growth, and enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine in this wonderland. If you are thinking of a getaway from your daily life, relax yourself and have a break, you can stay in one of these bright and airy rooms (see below) for only 450€/ month! Please notice the picture below is one of 5 rooms, and they are in different styles and sizes. First come, first choose. We only accept requests of at least a one-month stay. The offer is valid from now to the end of October 2016.


During your stay here, besides the gorgeous landscape surrounded, you are welcomed to join the morning yoga and meditation which will be led by me, Ingrid, a certified traditional healer with more than 10 year practical experience. You can also the meditation room when it is vacant. If you would like to do some volunteer work here, including gardening, painting, or anything you are good at, you will get free food here! More information about us can be found at http://www.healingcastle.com/.

mediWe are here getting excited to welcome you! If you have any questions, please email to Healingcastle@gmx.de or call at +49 34609 23438. Thank you!